Victory for Mikel Arteta – 2:0 to Arsenal on United
The Gunners were better at home, scoring Pepe’s and Sokratis and giving the new Spanish manger a late gift at the Emirates Stadium after a four -game drought. The Red Devils lost a chance to get close to Chelsea and the first quarter.

Arsenal vs Man Utd 2:0 Game Page

Manchester United arrived in London yesterday for a prestigious match at the Emirates Stadium knowing that Chelsea above the table lost surprisingly points against Brighton. That motivation was not enough against Arsenal who was better and won 2:0, Mikkel Arteta’s debut on the lines.

Arsenal players celebrating with Arteta
Arsenal players celebrating with Arteta

The Gunners ruled from the first minute, taking the lead in the eighth minute of Nicolas Pepe’s goal and two minutes to end a half that belonged to them exclusively – scoring the second from Sokratis’ feet as well.

United – who came on after two consecutive wins – got better in the second half, squeezed, held the ball and occasionally risked the goal, but it was too little against Arsenal’s determined defense that didn’t make a lot of mistakes.

Arsenal have climbed to tenth place and are currently only four points below United, which ranks fifth after 21 games this season. There is still a chance that United will go down at the end of the cycle to sixth place, but for that to happen, Sheffield will have to beat Liverpool at Anfield today – not the most likely scenario.