Zidan: “Real Madrid live for such moments, we have no pressure”

Ahead of the Spanish Super Cup final, the Blancos coach stated: “It looks like Barcelona will win and make it to the finals, but Atletico has reversed.” Simeone is not worried: “The players have lost their fear”

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Madrid is ready for the Super Cup final. In the new format and outside Spain, but in Saudi Arabia, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are finalizing their preparations for the grand final, which will eventually be crowned the new Super Cup holder. The game will be delivered tomorrow (Sunday)

Real Madrid qualified for the final game on Wednesday, then 1: 3 over Valencia in a game where Tony Cross scored a rare goal from the corner, but the big game came the next day on Thursday night, when Atletico Madrid in the 86th minute completed a formidable 2-0 cap. Barcelona and qualified for the final.

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Copa Del Rey Final
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Copa Del Rey Final
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

Of the two teams, the first to hold the Derby press conference in the Super Cup final was Real Madrid. Coach Zindin Zidan will face his ninth final as the Blancos coach in two terms – after winning all eight of them – and at the press conference said: “My message since we got here has not changed, we have come to win. We lost Atletico and lost to them too, every game is a new story and most importantly we will do our job, especially on defense. My players live for games like that, so we have no pressure. “

About Ernesto Valverde, a Barcelona coach whose status is undermined: “It happens to all coaches. I don’t want to talk about it, but I can say it’s something every coach goes through.”

Atletico’s win over Barcelona: “It already seemed that Barcelona would go up, but Atletico managed to recover. It’s the football. I think only of winning the trophy tomorrow and nothing else. Athletico always shows that she is a strong team, who knows how to defend and also attack, But both Atletico and Barcelona are strong and good teams, so we were prepared for a tough game anyway. “

Atletico Madrid

Then Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone said ahead of the match with the Blancos: “We’re still getting better from game to game. It’s also an experience for many young players that we have and are learning the club and the requirements. Meeting rivalries like Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Opportunity tomorrow. These are games where every mistake leads to punishment. “

Simeone confirmed that Xian Obelak, Angel Korea and Jose Jimenez are likely to be eligible for the match, adding: “I believe in my players, but always think how to strengthen the team. My players constantly want to improve and when I see them that way, I draw energy from it and fear nothing. They are very familiar with Real Madrid and it is a very important game for us, but even without Benzma, Zar and Bale they have players like Rodrigo and vinicius Jr. who can add speed to them and so we have to think about attacking and how to hurt them. “

About Ernesto Valverde and the semi-final against Barcelona: “I respect him very much. He is a great believer who has shown his loyalty to the club and to the Barcelona fans. I saw my players in the stadium and the feeling was that if we compare, we will win. The players have lost their fear. “

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live Match